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Employer Branding Objectives:
Recognition moments and motivational rewards offer a unique communication opportunity for organizations. They enable organizations to share key messages that will help drive employee engagement, alignment and affinity.

The Shah Infotech Company's approach involves the application of consumer marketing principles to employee communication, with the objective of driving business results and strengthening corporate culture.

Key elements of an employer branding solution include:
  • Establishing consistent branding and messaging across all employee focused recognition, incentive, and communication initiatives;
  • Engaging managers to deliver key messages through recognition of behavior that is consistent with strategic objectives.
  • Establishing key themes that can be emphasized or de-emphasized based on business environment
  • Using symbolic, visible recognition to reinforce campaigns.
Merchandising with Superior Products:
The Shah Infotech' Company relies on a dedicated, in-house staff of seasoned designers and merchants to ensure both custom and turnkey solutions for its clients. Working directly with clients, Shah Infotech' team is committed to ensuring the appropriate mix of product categories and items to suit clients' budgets, employee demographics, or other needs. Shah Infotech' ability to deliver superior products at competitive pricing relies on its state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing capabilities, as well as long-standing relationships with top suppliers to the retail and consumer industry.

Our merchandising staff features:
  • Our sourcing capabilities
  • In-house product development and
  • Monitoring of trade show and retail trends
Shah Infotech' commitment is to bring the most exciting awards and best value to our clients.
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